Presenting my junior independent work research at the American Geophsyical Union Conference in Washington, D.C. on December 13, 2018. My project, entitled "Tehuantepec Gap Induced Cyclogenesis Examined with a High Resolution Global Climate Model" is currently in the publication process and should be published shortly.

Senior Thesis Film for the Environmental Studies Certificate at Princeton University

My films and scientific research have often meshed together through my recent projects. For my final project for my Environmental Studies thesis, I will be profiling work I am undertaking for my senior thesis in the Geosciences Department and the work of fellow researchers in my department. This project has been graciously funded by a grant from the Princeton Environmental Institute's Edmund Hayes Sr. '18 fund for senior thesis research. The project will be released publicly in April at the Princeton Environmental Institute's Discovery Day.


Through documentary, I will be expanding the viewer's understanding of seismology. Many people believe seismology is just about catastrophic earthquakes, but this documentary presents a case study of all that is possible with seismic records. The documentary will feature a historical review of earthquake footage, interviews with associated faculty and researchers, and examples of localized seismic studies at Princeton University. This exploration will communicate the importance of seismology in understanding Earth processes, the applications of seismic software to disciplines outside of the Earth sciences, and the deployment of oceanic seismographs through the MERMAID project. Through interviews with researchers, it will also discuss the environmental uses of seismic records; namely, such records allow us to look back at storm intensity throughout history.