A still from one of the episodes. PIctured from left to right are Christina Sue (P'19), Sonia Ann Friscia (P'19), James Tralie (P'19), Michael Smilek (P'20), and William Kaplan (P'19).

A 9 episode mini-series

What if in The Office, the characters started rebelling against the camera crew that was filming them? Project: The Series is a short episodic series by Princeton students about a group of freshman at a University who have to work through a ridiculous group project assignment while dealing with each other's eccentric foibles and the fact that one of them has decided to film their every move.

The first two episodes of this TV series premiered at the Princeton Garden Theater in November, 2018. The full series will be released in early 2019.

As President of the Princeton Film Productions Club, I oversaw production of this mini-series from script all the way through to final release. I was lead cinematographer and was a co-editor. I also acted in the series. The series was co-written by Sonia Ann Friscia (Princeton '19) and William Kaplan (Princeton '19).